Testimonials Overview (Bongo4U)

Testimonials Overview (Bongo4U)

Any number of testimonials, quotes or comments can be added to your site and they can be displayed in a certain location on your site, or in multiple locations throughout your site.

You can add the testimonials once, and then use them in different places within your site. You can control how many testimonials are displayed at a time, how they are selected (e.g. randomly), and how they are displayed. The display of the testimonials is customizable by you.

You can update or add to your testimonials at any time, and those updates will immediately start displaying on your site wherever you have placed a "Testimonials" block.

You can include the initials or name of the author of each testimonial, and optionally add their title and/or organization's name -- it's up to you.

There are a number of display options to customize (or leave the defaults), such as how many testimonials to display at a time, whether they are displayed in a list or using a slideshow, which testimonials get selected (e.g. random, newest, oldst), and what order they are displayed in. Refer to the "How do I display Testimonials on my site" entry for details.

Testimonials get added to your site and updated using the "Testimonials..." option on the Admin menu. See the "How do I Add a Testimonial" entry for instructions.