Add a Testimonial to Bongo4U

Add a Testimonial to Bongo4U

Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode.

Hover over the "Testimonials..." option on the Page menu, and click on the "Add New Testimonial" option.

Enter the desired information for the testimonial that you wish to add. There are only two fields, and both are required fields.

For the Testimonial field, enter the quote, testimonial or comment text. It can be multiple sentences. Please enter it as it should be displayed regarding using proper sentence case. It will be wrapped in accordance with how much space is available when it gets displayed.

For the Author field, enter the person's name (the author of the testimonial comment) and optionally add their title or organization affiliation if you wish. You can use full names, or initials, or whatever is your preference. For example, "Jane Smith, CEO, ACME Widgets Ltd." or a shorter version with only an initial for surname: "Jane S., ACME Widgets"

Optionally, you may put each testimonial into a category. If testimonials are put in categories, then the Testimonial block (used to display the testimonials on any page(s) of your website) can be used to only select testimonials from a given category, if you wish. If you just want to leave all of the testimonials in one combined default group, then just ignore the category question (leave it empty).

Beside each of the input fields on the form is a "?" link. Clicking any of the "?" links will display help about that specific input field. Use the "?" help links to become more familiar with what your options are for each field.

Add as many testimonials as you wish to have displayed on your site. The Testimonial block is able to display one or multiple testimonials and you can set it to select a random testimonial each time a page is displayed. So having more testimonials to select from is often beneficial.

Additional Info: Read the "How do I Edit a Testimonial" entry.