Emerge2 Support

Rebuilding Search Index in Volusion Catalog

You should periodically rebuild the search index in your Volusion catalog for the following reasons:
  1. After new categories or products are added into your catalog
  2. After product names or titles are changed
  3. After any products are deleted or hidden
Until you rebuild the search index, none of the above additions or changes will be reflected in searches that users do on your catalog.

How to Rebuild Search Index

  1. Log into your Volusion Admin area
  2. Go to: SETTINGS / Maintenance / Search Index: [REBUILD]
  3. This rebuild will run for 5-15 mins, just let it run in your web browser uninterrupted
When the rebuild is complete, it will display:
Your storefront is now up-to-date.

No Access

If you don't have access to the "Maintenance" area, then send an email to support@emerge2.com specifying the following:
  1. Your Volusion catalog domain name
  2. Your Volusion admin login email address
  3. Ask for: "Please give my login account access to the Volusion Admin Maintenance area."