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Good Page and Link Addresses - Permalink URLs

The Galileo Commerce (GC) system retains certain "session data" in each page's address as a user explores the ecommerce site.

Whenever you want to capture the URL of a specific page and either store it or send it to someone else, it is important to strip off all of these session variables before anyone else uses the link, or before you use it again in a future session. Only 1-3 of those variables in the page's URL are necessary.

Raw URL Examples

URL Parameters

The first URL parameter begins at the "?" and each subsequent parameter begins with a "&".

Only the "F=", "K=" and "B=" parameters are necessary, and if any of them are empty for a given page then the empty parameters can also be omitted for that page.
As a side note, it is very important to never share the "SN=" parameter since this is your private Session identifier and it points to all of your other session data such as your login ID, any items in your cart, any shipping and other details you've entered thus far during your session. This is why it's important to only retain the above three parameters from the URL when sharing or storing a URL.
To share the above "Raw URL Examples", you would only share the following "Good URL Examples".

Good URL Examples

If you have any questions about a specific URL and what should be shared, please email any questions to support@emerge2.com
There is an option within the GC system to display the permalink URL for the current page in the page footer. A permalink is the URL that can be used by anyone else to get to the current page. The good URLs mentioned above are all permalinks to those specific pages.

If you would like permalinks displayed in the page footer of your GC site, please email support@emerge2.com asking, "Please display permalinks in our page footer on GC site: __________________" (include your GC site's domain name).