Upload a .pdf or .doc or other File or create a Download Link on a Bongo4U page

Upload a .pdf or .doc or other File or create a Download Link on a Bongo4U page

Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode and go to the page on which you want to make changes by clicking that page's link in the navigation or by using the "Pages..." option on the admin menu.

(Background: PDFs (.pdf), Word Documents (.doc), PowerPoint Presentations (.pps), Excel Spreadsheets (.xls) and other files get uploaded to your site and stored in a folder. You then highlight some text on your page and create a link for that text that links to your uploaded PDF or other file. You can upload and link to as many PDF or other files on a given page as you wish. These instructions take you through the steps.)

Click the "Block: WYSIWYG" link to edit your page's content. Determine what text (words) you wish the user to click to trigger a view of the uploaded file. Highlight that text (called the "link text"). Once some text has been highlighted, then the Link Manager icon will become clickable (it is the icon that looks like chain links). Click the chain link icon to open the Link Manager in a new pop-up window.

(Note: If the Link Manager window does not open, then you probably have pop-ups disabled. Check for a message near the top of the page from your web browser and select the option that enables pop-ups from the current site (permanently) so that you can edit your WYSIWYG page content. Once enabled, you might need to click on the Link Manager (chain) icon again.)

Click the "Get File" link. You will see the "Select or Upload Files" window. You will see a list of the upload files you have previously uploaded to your site. To link to one of these existing files, just click the filename. To upload a new file, click the "Upload" tab near the top and follow the instructions under the "Upload" tab.

After you have uploaded and/or selected the file to link to, you will be returned to the first pop-up window (where the "Get File" link is). Just click the [Insert] button near the bottom and your link will be made to the selected file.

To link to another file, highlight the link text for this next link, click the Link Manager (chain) icon, click the "Get File" link and do it again.

Once you are done linking to files, save the changes to your WYSISYG block by clicking the [Save Changes] button.

Remember to test your new links to ensure that they work as expected.

Note: Images (photos) need to be uploaded using the Image Manager (the tree icon). Videos (movies) need to be uploaded using the Embedded Media Manager (the film icon). All other files types can be uploaded using the above instructions.

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