Organize a large number of Images or Photos (Bongo4U)

Organize a large number of Images or Photos (Bongo4U)

You can easily organize your images into folders. You can specify a folder when you initially upload each image, or you can move an image into a folder at a later point in time.

To move existing images into a folder, go into the Image Manager while editing any WYSIWYG block.

Create a New Folder

If you will be moving images into a new folder, you will need to create that new folder first by clicking the "Folders" tab, entering the name of the new folder into the input box which is beside the "images" line in the table, and pressing the [Create Folders] button.

Use an Existing Folder

To move existing images into an existing folder, click on the "Manage Files" tab and then from the "Action" drop-down box select the "Move" option. The "Destination" drop-down box will appear. Select the desired destination folder from this drop-down box.

Now for each file that you wish to move into this selected destination folder, click (enable) the checkbox beside each such file in the list of files. Once you are finished selecting files to be moved into the folder, then click the [Move Files] button (at the bottom of the list of files).

View Folders

Any time you are in the Image Manager, you can browse or select the images in any folder by selecting the desired folder using the "Change Folder" drop-down box (at the top-right corner of the Image Manager window).