Navigation Links on a Bongo4U Website

Navigation Links on a Bongo4U Website

Your site's navigation links are automatically generated by the Bongo4U system.

A navigation link will be generated for each normal page that is defined on your site. You can edit the properties of any page to change the order of the pages in the navigation links (move it higher or lower, bump it up or down).

For special needs you can set some pages as "Hidden" meaning that they will be excluded from the navigation links.

In addition, if you need to link to an external page and have it appear to be part of your overall website (e.g. to an associated blog), then you can create an "External" page which will link to web address (URL) that you provide, but it will also still be included in your site's automatically generated navigation links.

Links to "Top Level" pages are generated for the navigation links. If a given page has any "child" pages under it, links to those child pages will be shown when users hover their mouse over the "parent" page's link. You can edit a page's properties to set it as a child of another page. By default, all new pages are "top level" pages.

You may also have top-level-only links at the bottom of every page. This is set in the site's Layout properties. For more, see "How do layouts work".