Display an RSS Feed on my Bongo4U website

Display an RSS Feed on my Bongo4U website

This feature lets you display the RSS feed from another website, blog, twitter account, etc., on your website. You can define how many entries from the RSS feed are to be displayed on your website.

Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode and go to the page that you want to display the RSS feed on by clicking on that page's link in the navigation.

Once you are on the correct page, hover your mouse over the "Page Menu" link located near the top of the page. The Page Menu will appear.

Hover over the "Add to This Page" option and a sub-menu will appear.

Click on the "RSS Feed Widget" option on the sub-menu. This will add an RSS Feed Widget block to the bottom of the page. You are NOT done yet.

Answer the questions to define what the block should display...

RSS Feed URL: Enter the URL of the RSS feedback from the website, blog, twitter account, etc., that you wish to display on your website. The URL should start with "http://".

API Key for this site: This display widget uses publicly available code from Google. Google requires that each website obtain a free "API Key" to use its code. This is an easy, quick form to fill in, and then your API Key is immediately provided to you. Just click the provided link called "get a free key" which will open the form in a new window. All you enter in this form is the URL (domain name) of your website and click the [Generate API Key] button. Then copy-and-paste the generated API Key into the "API Key for this site" field in the RSS Feed Widget block. The API Key will be a long series of letters and numbers altogether in one long string of characters.

Number of entries to display: Enter a positive integer (1-99). Enter a number between 1 and 99 which will control how many entries from the RSS Feed URL get displayed in this block on your website. The most recent entries are displayed first. Therefore, if you enter "5" then the 5 most recent entries from the RSS Feed URL will be displayed, with the most recent (newest) entry listed first.

Milliseconds between transitions: Enter a positive integer (500-99999). 1000 milliseconds is 1 second, so entering 5000 will define a 5 second delay before the widget highlights the next entry from the feed. Do not enter a comma, only enter digits (e.g. "5,000" is bad, but "5000" is good).

CSS Code for Display Box: This can be ignored. This is for advanced users who understand CSS coding, so they can tweak the look (style) of the resulting display box.

When you are finished, press the [Save Changes] button. This displays your RSS Feed on the current page.

To move the RSS Feed Widget block to the desired location or order on the page, refer to the "How do a change the order of blocks on a page" entry.