Display the "Last Modified Date" on a Bongo4U page

Display the "Last Modified Date" on a Bongo4U page

You can add a special tag anywhere within a WYSIWYG block to display the date that the current block was last updated by any Admin user.

This is sometimes helpful if users need to know the last time that a given page was updated (e.g. recently or not for a long time).

All you need to do is to insert either of the following special tags anywhere within a WYSIWYG block, and when the page is displayed on the website, the system will lookup the last-modified-date for that block and display it for the user.

  • To only display the Date (not time) use tag: {{bongo4u=modified_date}}
  • To display both the Date and Time use tag: {{bongo4u=modified_date_time}}

For example, you could display a line like the following at the top or bottom of the page (or anywhere):

Last Updated: {{bongo4u=modified_date_time}}

The special tags can be coded in lowercase, uppercase, or mixed-case. There cannot be any spaces between the opening '{{' and closing '}}' brackets.