Add a New Page to my Bongo4U Website

Add a New Page to my Bongo4U Website

To Create a New Page

  1. Login to Admin Mode
  2. Hover your mouse over the "Page Menu:" box or link near the top of the page. This will cause the Page Menu to be displayed.
  3. Hover your mouse over the "Pages..." option (to create a normal public page) OR hover over the "Hidden Pages..." option (to create a hidden page). A sub-menu will be displayed.
  4. Click the "Add New Page" or "Add New Hidden Page" option on the sub-menu.

Add Page Form

You will be asked to provide some information about the new page as follows:

Short Title: This is the name which will be used in your site's navigation or menus to represent this page. Enter a short, mixed-case name for this page (e.g. "Contact", "About Us", "Products").

Long Title: This name can optionally be displayed at the top of each page or used for other purposes. It should be a short phrase the mentions what the page is for, or what is on the page. The Long Title is included in the page's overall title along with the Site Name and the Short Title.

In other words, the page's overall title is composed of: "Short Title - Long Title - Site Name"

The page's overall title is: (a) Displayed at the top of the web browser window when a user is viewing this page, (b) the default name for user bookmarks or favorites, and (c) is used by search engines to determine what this page is about and to assist with its page rank determinations.

Path: If this new page is a main page that should be included in the site's general navigation, then select the "/" (top) option.

However, if this new page should be added underneath an existing page, or as a sub-page of an existing page, then select the associated "parent" page for this new page. For example, if the new page will contain the product details for product 123, and if you had already created a general Products page with a Name of "/products", then select the "/products" entry as the Path for this new product 123 page.

Name (for URL path): This is the unique sub-address of this new page. It is appended to the site's domain name to generate the unique URL for this page. For example, if your site uses domain name and if you enter "contact" for this field, then this new page's URL will be . The Name can contain any combination of letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), hyphen (-) or underline (_) characters. It cannot contain any other characters, for example, it cannot contain any spaces, commas or periods/dots. The following names are reserved and cannot be used: bongo4u, images, includes, javascripts, styles.

Click the [Save Changes] button to create the new page.