Add more Admin Usernames to my Bongo4U website

Add more Admin Usernames to my Bongo4U website

If your admin username is the Site Owner or if it has the "User Account Administrator (Add/Edit/Delete Users)" privilege, then you can login to your site's admin area and create new admin accounts for your site.

After you login, hover over the Page Menu, then over "My Site..." and click the "Add New User" option.

Enter this person's email address, name, etc., and give them the desired access privileges (e.g. can update pages, can update products, etc.). Click the [Save Changes] button when you are done and the new username will be created.


  • If you are adding a user who already has access to a different Bongo4U site, the system will detect this after you enter their email address (the first field), and will let you link that username to your site without having to re-enter their username, first name, last name, etc. However, you will still be able to specify the access permissions that they should have to your site.
  • The username that you specify must be unique across all Bongo4U sites.