Add a Logo Group to my Bongo4U Page

Add a Logo Group to my Bongo4U Page

Login to Admin Mode and go to the page to which you want to add the content (by clicking that page's link in the navigation). Once you are on the correct page, hover your mouse over the "Page" link and the Page Menu will appear. This gives you options for managing pages.

Hover over the "Add to This Page" option and a sub-menu will appear.

Click on the "Logo Group" option on the sub-menu. This will add a Logo Group block to the bottom of the page.

If desired, you can ADD or EDIT the TITLE of your Logo Group in the provided field. If you would like the TITLE to link to an URL, feel free to enter the web address on the provided field. These are optional fields.

There are 3 display sizes to choose from:

  • Small (48x48 pixels)
  • Medium (100x100 pixels)
  • Large (150x150 pixels)

Simply click on the radio button of the size you wish to use. You can always edit your choice later on. This field is also optional. 'Medium' is chosen by default if you do not pick a size.

Adding logos is very simple:

  1. On the "Alphabet navigation", click on the letter which the name of your logo starts with
  2. Find the desired logo from the generated list on the left
  3. ADD the logo by clicking on the (ADD+) button beside it

That's it! Selected logos will become 'Inactive' in this menu and will be moved to the 'Active" section.

Click on the [Save Changes] button once you are done.