Add a Headline or Heading to a Bongo4U page

Add a Headline or Heading to a Bongo4U page

Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode and go to the page that you want to make changes to by clicking on that page's link in the navigation.

Once you are on the correct page, hover your mouse over the "Page" link located near the top of the page. The Page Menu will appear.

Hover over the "Add to This Page" option and a sub-menu will appear.

Click on the "Headline" option on the sub-menu. This will add a Headline block to the bottom of the page.

Enter the text for this headline into the form and press the [Save Changes] button.

To move the Headline block to the desired location on the page, refer to the "How do a change the order of blocks on a page" entry.

Alternately, if you are using a WYSIWYG block on the page, you can easily enter your heading text within the WYSIWYG block and then change the line's formatting to be "Headline" or "SubHead".