Add a Countdown to a Bongo4U page

Add a Countdown to a Bongo4U page

You can add a Countdown block to any page. It will ask for a target Date and then will display an automatically decreasing number of days prior to that target Date.

You can also enter a message to be displayed to the left or right of the number of days left, and you can optionally enter a secondary message which will be displayed after the target Date has come and gone.

For example, you could have it display "Days until the Big Event:" before the number, and it would be displayed as "Days until the Big Event: 17" (if there were in fact 17 days remaining before the target Date that you entered).

You could also enter a secondary message such as "The event was great! See you next year!" ... or you could leave the secondary message empty and then no countdown message would be displayed after the target Date had passed.

It is easy to just try adding a Countdown block to one of your pages and see what it looks like. It has a "real-time preview" built into its editing mode, so you can see what it will look like while you experiment with different messages, etc. Then click the usual [Save Changes] button to create the block on your page.


Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode and go to the page that you want to add the Countdown to by clicking on that page's link in the navigation.

Once you are on the correct page, hover your mouse over the "Page Menu" link located near the top of the page. The Page Menu will appear.

Hover over the "Add to This Page" option and a sub-menu will appear.

Click on the "Countdown" option on the sub-menu. This will add a Slideshow Plus block to the bottom of the page. You are NOT done yet.

Enter the target date and other fields. The Preview area will update in real-time as you enter the target date, the message, etc. into the block. Once you are satisfied with the information, click the [Save Changes] button to actually create the block on your page.

You can come back and edit the Countdown details at any time.

You will probably want to move the Countdown block up higher on your page. To move the it to the desired location or order on the page, refer to the "How do a change the order of blocks on a page" entry.

You may create a Countdown block on any page or on multiple pages. You can also create multiple Countdown blocks on the same page (e.g. if you wish to highlight multiple upcoming activities).

Technical Details: The date arithmetic is done based upon midnight in the Eastern Timezone (ET) in North America (e.g. Toronto or New York time). Therefore, each midnight in ET, the number of days will be decreased by 1.