Add or change Slideshow Images on a Bongo4U page

Add or change Slideshow Images on a Bongo4U page

For an existing Slideshow block, these instructions show you how to add additional images to your Slideshow, or how to replace or remove an existing image from your Slideshow.

  1. Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode and go to the page that contains the Slideshow by clicking on that page's link in the navigation.
  2. Once you are on the correct page, find the "Block: Slideshow Plus" link on that page and click it (to go into edit mode).
  3. To Remove an Image from this Slideshow: Remove/clear its "Filename" field. When done making changes, click the [Save Changes] button.
  4. To Add an additional Image to this Slideshow: Click the "Add More Images" link at the bottom of the list of image filenames. This will display five more entries for additional images. Populate the first open entry as described below. (Skip the next step, then continue with these instructions)
  5. To Replace an existing Image within this Slideshow: Determine which of the existing filenames, in the list of existing image filenames, you wish to replace. This is the entry that you will update.
  6. You need to prepare each slideshow image by resizing and cropping them all to be the same size. The "Display Size" parameter at the top of the Slideshow block will show you the size that each image needs to be, then resize each of your new or replacement images to be exactly this size before uploading them into the Slideshow block. (Do not change the Display Size.) Instructions: Photo Resizing & Cropping Help
  7. For each image that you want to upload into your slideshow (to add or replace), click the [Browse Images] button in the entry you will be populating or replacing/updating. In the pop-up window, click the "Upload" tab and follow the simple instructions. By default, the slideshow form contains fields for up to five images. If you need more images, just click the "Add More Images" link, which will add entries for five more images each time it is clicked, up to a maximum of 20 images in a slideshow. Repeat for each image you wish to add or replace in this slideshow.
  8. When you are done uploading images, you may optionally adjust any of the slideshow block's parameters at the top, or more likely, just leave them as-is.
  9. If the Captions option is enabled at the top of this slideshow, then you will be able to enter or update a Caption phrase for each image that you added or replaced.
  10. If the Links option is enabled at the top of this slideshow, then you will be able to enter a clickable Link URL for each image that you added or replaced.
  11. When you are finished, press the [Save Changes] button. This saves (implements) your slideshow updates.

Note 1: If you receive an error after pressing [Save Changes] then the error messages will tell you wish images are the wrong size. Resize those images and re-upload them into the Slideshow block before continuing. Do NOT bypass the inconsistent size error.

Note 2: How to resize and/or crop your photos before uploading into a Slideshow: Photo Resizing & Cropping Help

To add a new slideshow to your website, refer to the "How do I add a Slideshow to a page" entry.